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What Is Coolsculpting Price?

Kind of goes numb, you don’t feel anything.” When her time was up, Carolee Lumb, who’s a medical assistant and CoolSculpting specialist, peeled off the handpiece to reveal a very red rectangle. Essentially, a block of ice under the skin. The next step involved massaging that block of ice to enhance results. When Mary had her belly done, the massage was done by hand. But this time, instead of a massage, Carolee used an ultrasound device called a Z-wave to deliver several minutes of high energy radial shock waves. “It was more like a banging feeling,” said Mary. “It didn’t hurt as much as somebody kneading your skin.” Watch this short video to see how it’s done. No matter what area you target with CoolSculpting, don’t expect to see immediate results. “In the first three weeks, your skin on the surface is going to be a little bit numb,” explained Dr. Atkins. “There could be a little bit of swelling depending on the area that you treat. It may also feel a little itchy. That goes away after day 8 and then it just starts to get better and better.

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